Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grandpa Tony Visit

Grandpa Tony made the trip out this weekend to visit us.  We had a really nice time!  We only get to see him once every year or two so the visit was too short.  He left this morning and we all miss him.

Three generations:
Waiting for pony ride at Strawberry Festival.
 Checking out the bunnies.
 Jackson on Ariel the pony, he really enjoyed it.

He was such a big boy getting on this ride, but after it started going up a sheer panic came over his face.  I felt so sorry for the little guy.  He was a big boy though and didn't cry, but when he got off he said he really wanted to cry because he was so afraid, poor kid!
 2nd ride of the day was more his style, loved this one.
 We watch some racing on TV so he thought this one was super cool.
 Daddy was able to ride the Crazy Bus ride with him.
 4 wheeling!
 He enjoyed the banana boat ride too. 
 Mikey the cat getting some lovin.
 About to eat a giant cheeseburger.
 3 generations! 
 This picture makes me smile.
 Jackson finally talked Grandpa into playing hockey.  Then he said that Grandpa was "asleep" when playing because he was just letting him score too easily.
 Scarecrow boy.
 Milking a cow!
 We may have to get this boy horse back riding lessons.
 Trying to pet the pig, but the pig wasn't interested.
 Checking out the old tractors.
Very thankful that Grandpa came to visit.  Come back more often, we all miss you!!!

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  1. Jack is so cute!! Glad you all had a good time. The baby is getting so big and its barely been a few months! The 3 generation pics were cute too.