Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Program

Last Friday Jackson had his annual spring program at school.  He had been practicing around the house for a couple of weeks, air guitar and all!  They sang Butterfly, Butterfly; Little Baby Ducklings; A Song of Springtime; and Rockin' Robin.  Of course, if you ask this Momma he was the star of the show! 
After the program, the school hosted a Mother's Day lunch.  Jackson and I went and had some good Mommy/Son time.  I didn't expect it to be so full in the room, apparently over 200 people RSVP'd and this is a small school?!?  We had some Chic Fila and cookies and I met a couple of his buddies. 
For Mother's Day, Jackson had been working on a craft at school all week.  He made a bird house for me that is really cute.  He wants to put it outside in a tree and I am secretly hoping he forgets because I want to keep it inside.  The class also did a recipe book of their Mothers favorite recipes.  This is what Jackson said:

My Mom's Perfect Pizza
She puts it in the oven. She buys it at the store. She cooks it on hot for 2 minutes. Then we eat it!
I love my Mom because she tucks me in!

Very sweet of him, even though I have probably never put a store bought pizza in the oven in my life!  Store bought pizza is a Daddy thing.  The two of them always get into an interesting conversation about toppings (specifically pepperoni).

Otherwise we have been keeping busy lately.  We traded in my little sporty Volvo for a minivan.  I thought I would miss my car but actually really like the Van.  Jackson LOVES the van, he likes the space and thinks the doors are super cool.  He has dreams of filling it up with Hockey equipment!! 

We are also looking forward to going on vacation in around 9 weeks with a group of folks that also adopted from Russia, many from our region!  We are close with a couple of families that we hope to spend a lot of time with on the trip.  It is a Disney cruise so Jackson is pretty pumped about it.

We are also all still getting adjusted to our new family addition.  Jackson is so proud of Alex and is very patient and gentle with her.  We have only had 1 meltdown to speak of in almost 5 weeks, otherwise it couldn't be going any more smoothly.  At night, Jackson is quick to say "Daddy take the baby so Mommy and me can snuggle". We make sure that he gets a lot of one on one time, because he so deserves it.  Eventually I would like to schedule a weekly Mommy/Son date night or Daddy/Son night out.  I think we would all enjoy that.

Photo's below, enjoy :)

Jackson selected bowling for his reward activty recently.

Jackson started skating lessons last weekend.  He seems to have a natural talent on the ice.

My Mothers Day birdhouse!!

 Recipe book Jacksons class made for Mothers Day.

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  1. his recipe and comment was so cute! that vacation sounds like a good idea. also, it's so sweet that you give him a lot of attention and affection but aren't smothering, important at that age.