Saturday, April 18, 2009

2nd Place Trophy!!!

The race is over! Bill ran the Race for Autism this morning, and just finished! I am unfortunately out of state on business, so wasn't able to partake in the race this morning, so my post is a mixed bag of emotions. He ran the 5K in 24 minutes, 12 seconds (male winner was 14 min 37 sec & female winner was 18 min 03 sec). I have to throw in (sorry Bill), that he was passed by a young child - but of course he was cheering him on! BILL WON 2ND PLACE IN HIS AGE GROUP AND RECEIVED A TROPHY - GO BILL!!! YAY!!!

Some pretty cool things happened already today. First of all, he was able to meet the Grant Coordinator, her husband and their 3 adopted children this morning (they were running the race too). We applied for a separate grant (this is the only grant we applied for) with their agency, and they also have fundraising opportunities so this is how we got involved with the 5K to begin with. 80% of the funds raised will go to Bill and I for our adoption (gets sent direct to our placement agency), and 20% goes towards the Adoption Foundation to assist them in continuing to be able to give grants to families going through the adoption process. Bill was thrilled to meet the Eldridge family and we both feel very blessed for being given this opportunity to raise funds. The Coordinator mentioned that we have received 2 donations thus far. We sent out around 30 + letters, so hopefully more will drizzle in over the next couple of weeks.

Something else cool that happened was our post - race phone call. Bill called me and told me all about the race, meeting the Coordinator and her family, etc. He was so sweet on the phone it brought tears to my eyes. He was really motivated to run the race for the adoption (in general), but 1/2 way through something in his head switched to why he was really running the race. He started thinking about how our son would never be given the opportunity to run races, play in parks, etc - without our hard work. I am super proud of Bill, not just for running the 5K, but for having a winning attitude!

If you are still interested in donating to help us raise funds for our adoption, its not too late! We still have to come up with around $30,000. I will post the address below. It has to be mailed in (cannot be done electronically), and needs to reference the Curran family on the check or in a letter so they can identify where the funds need to be allocated (donations can be used as a tax write-off). Also, if you know of anyone or even a company that would like to donate, please pass the information along. Even the smallest amounts are sincerely appreciated. If you know of a group of people that would like to get together and raise funds by running a race or fun walk, we would love to be involved with that too.

Adoption Foundation of Tennessee
Attn: Curran Family
131 Cherokee Heights Drive
Maryville, TN 37801

Thanks to everyone for their support! When we get a list of all who donated, we will send out formal thank you letters.

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