Monday, April 27, 2009

Its always sports season

Above are a few photos that inspire me. One is of Bill and his father at an annual Baseball spring training trip. The cutie sporting the VT hat is our niece Amanda. Emily is our youngest (of 4) nieces and she is the blue eyed babe in UT apparel. Mark is my little brother in the blue shirt with the tiny fish (I framed him to hold this tiny fish and took a picture - like a good sister, I continue to hold it over his head!).

Saturday night we went to a local baseball game with Bill's father, it was a $5 fundraiser for Boy Scouts, it was a good game and we hope to attend several more this summer. Our local hockey team just won the SPHL championship on home ice for the 2nd year straight, and we were lucky enough to be a part of the season. The Curran family is a very sports oriented family! It definitely wasn't a hobby of mine before we were married I but have learned to enjoy these events over time. Bill has started to enjoy fishing, which is my hobby.

We are really excited that very soon, we can take our son and/or daughter to these sporting events that the Curran family frequents. We want to add another generation to the photos above and continue the Curran family sporting traditions!

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