Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amy is Da Bomb!

We received an unexpected gift in the mail the other day. It truly shocked and amazed me on the kindness of the woman that sent it. Tatiana's mom, also known as Amy, took the time, money and energy to put together a gift package for us and send it to our house.

I am still stunned. Amy is well known in blogger world as she journeyed to Vladivostok and adopted the highly energetic "T". They have been home now for around 4 months and Tatiana is adjusting very well. Amy and I have spoken on the phone once, as well as exchanged several emails...but in a million years I didn't even consider she would send us a gift. She has been a great support system for us.

Thank you Amy! You are truly kind and wonderful. I can't wait to show our little guy his gifts from you and T!


  1. That is so sweet! And very cute :)

  2. From one Artem mama to another :) Best wishes!!! Come home soon little guy!! Enjoy your shower!

  3. Love looking at your pics...and showing Tori...the turtle brings back found memories for me. Tori loved to show me the turtle when I would visit. The first time we looked at the turtle together was really the first time I actually heard her talk.....hang in there on the was hard for me and then all of the sudden it was time to go!! God Bless!

  4. Amy is one of a kind! So sweet. Artem is such a special place to so many of us. We will pray for you guys to have a short wait so you can return shortly and bring your little guy home!