Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July 8th recap

We left the VMI at 10am so we could pick up some items for the baby home. We went to the baby store in the town of Artem and picked up 3 big bags of diapers and 6 traditional Russian toys. From there, we went to the market in a settlement outside of Artem to buy some fresh fruit. We picked up some apples, banana's and peers for the kiddos. If you ask my husband, he would tell you we looked at about 100 different types of apples at that market!

When we arrived at the baby home, we gave the items to the Director. She was very appreciative, and asked the Music Director to come out as well. She too was thrilled. It was nice to get that response.

They brought out the little guy soon after and he began to cry again. We decided to take him outside and walk around. He really seemed to like that! The Doctor arrived when we were outside and answered a few questions for us. We then decided it was too hot outside and made our way back into the gym. Poor little guy had on 3 layers of clothing, a hat, and 2 layers on his feet. He was burning up!

When we went back into the gym, he started to cry again and he continued this for some time. I realized that he had a fever (maybe from teething?) and we asked for something for him to drink. We were brought tea in a bottle, but he wasn't too interested. He just felt pretty rough. He did allow us to soothe him off and on. Again, it was the sweetest cry we had ever heard.

We went back to the VMI and checked our email for the Doctors response, as well as sent more video and updated information back. We had peanut butter and crackers and talked a lot. Still jet lagged, we went to sleep early.

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