Thursday, August 6, 2009

July 10th, Friday

We left early from the hotel to run into Artem to find the perfect gift for Nana. It was her birthday on Sunday and she and Papa have both been very supportive of our many, many ways. They will pick us up from the airport on Sunday evening so we did not have to pay parking, also they have been babysitting their furry grand kids while we were gone to save us some boarding costs. Since Sunday was her birthday, we were looking forward to trying to find a particular gift we had in mind. We went to several souvenir shops in and around Artem, finally finding what we wanted! A Snowman nesting doll! She collects Snowmen so we were hoping we could add to the collection. Thanks Nana and Papa for babysitting the pups and for the ride to/from the airport!

We arrived around noon and they brought the little guy out. Today was the 1st time he did not seem to be upset by leaving his caregiver. We took him outside for a stroll and then back into the gym for some one on one playtime. We showed him a photo album we put together of his new family, which he enjoyed chewing on. He tasted and chewed on each page individually. He has 2 bottom teeth and kind of looked like a Chipmunk having dinner! So cute!!! He gave us lots of smiles this day, but today we actually received a couple open mouth smiles. We could see his bottom 2 teeth and it looks like others are on the way. We told him we would come back and bring him home as soon as possible. I think he approved given the amount of smiles :) We cannot wait until he laughs out loud, that will be a special day.

Even more good news this day! The Director gave us permission to visit him tomorrow, on a Saturday! We were thrilled!

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  1. YES thats the room we had 2 of our visits in :o) Aaaaahh, it kinda makes me smile that the 2 of them are together. I left 2 disposable cameras there for the caregivers to take pictures...wonder if your boy will be in any pics?? Hope they're making each other smile.