Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drs Appt and Russian Consulate Registration

Today Jack had his first Pediatrician appointment. It wasn't an overly fun experience, but it is done and over. Doctors scare our little guy, but after 6 shots and several tubes of blood taken from my arm - I would be crying too.

It appears things are as we thought - he is either below the curve or in a low percentile, but is making progress. Physically, he is pretty healthy. The blood work will come back in a few days and we can then confirm the remainder of his vaccinations. We follow up in 1 month.

We also scheduled an appointment with an Opthamologist to address the Strabismus. This is scheduled for next week with a doctor who specializes in eye disorders for toddlers. We will either patch his eye, wear glasses or have surgery to correct the issue.

As part of our adoption process, we are required to register Jackson with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Russian Consulate in Washington, DC. It is due within 3 months of when we arrive home.

We had to send in an application, passport photo of Jack, original passport, new birth certificate (in Russian and English), and new Adoption Certificate (in Russian and English). We went out yesterday to copy these items and get them notarized and sent them on via UPS. Mark this one off our 'to do' list!

Tonight Jack is cranky after his shots. Bill has been carrying him around for about an hour now to calm him. Hopefully he will sleep through the night and feel better tomorrow!!


  1. Poor little guy! I hate those appointments with shots or blood draws. :(

  2. 6 shots, I would be screaming! Poor little guy...our turn today...John has his first appointment at 4:30...Took Kristina to eye Dr...expecting to get her glasses any day now...will be patching with her glasses 2 hours a day to start...Gloria is sending our consulate stuff off to Jamie today. I love the pic with Jack in the hat! Paka Paka as we say around here.


  3. Hugs to Jack!! I hate those appts and really do not like blood draws :o( I'm already dreading all that for our little miss. I know mommy and daddy will comfort him and he'll be fine, but its still crummy.

    Registering sounds painless. One easy thing??

  4. Poor little guy! What a tough day - but so glad he has his mama and papa to comfort him now!

    Just an FYI too (this is something we did) we worked out a shot schedule with the doc to only do 2 shots at a time. It doesn't overload their system and make them so upset or feeling bad later. It takes forever, but for us it worked much better. Of course getting them all done at once is nice too!

  5. Sorry Jackson! Give me a call next time you have to go to the doctor and I will make your parents get the shots too!

    Miss you so much! But you sure look like you are having fun!

  6. The shot days are the worst! I remember when Josh came home the blood lady could not find a vein in his arm. It was horrible!

    Funny how your agency told you 3 months to get the registration in, ours told us 30 days. Yeah, nice! :)