Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zombies for Halloween?

Last night made it two nights in a row where Jack was up all night from about 1am on. We are doing pretty well with the routines from about 9am all the way through until 1am, then he wakes up and is up for the rest of the night. We are working really hard to get him acclimated to the 15 hour time difference from Vladivostok, and we are determined to make it work! Jack is still doing very well in the eating and bathing departments, and with most nap times, it's just those tricky overnight hours that we haven't yet mastered. So, between still getting over the trip and travel along with staying up all night, all three of us walk around like zombies sometimes. I guess we fit right in though seeing how it is Halloween weekend and all. When we are awake during the day, we don't want Jack to nap before his designated nap times because like I said, we are determined to get back into healthy routines. So, when it's not nap time and one of the three of us seems tired, we joke that we are like concussion victims who need to be kept awake no matter what! No worries, we'll get this routine thing down pat in time. Last night we listened to a windy rain storm while we rocked Jack and tried to get him back to sleep. It was actually kind of cool to sit there and listen to that. Ideally we don't want to be up at 4am, but we make the best of it!
Despite the altered sleep schedules, Jack is absolutely thriving in his new environment. He is laughing hysterically and playing with stuff and just enjoying his new surroundings. I think I mentioned earlier that he loves his black cat Mike. Mike is really good with him, and it's funny to see the two of them hanging out together. Jacks two dogs are still living with Nana and Papa for another few days, then we'll have that big introduction. We hope Jack loves the dogs as much as he loves cats!
Today Michelle made a "welcome home" cake for Jack. He liked the cake a lot and ate his whole piece (we ate it in mid afternoon so the sugar will hopefully not affect bedtime too much!). While we were gone, some of Michelle's coworkers made food and stocked our freezer with some dinners to help us out during these first few days home. We have a homemade lasagna in the oven right now that smells great! Thank you to everyone who chipped in with the food drive for us. That was really thoughtful and we really appreciate your kindness!
On a totally unrelated note, we read in another couples blog today that Vladivostok got 10 inches of snow yesterday. We are glad we got out of there when we did! We love snow, but we are so glad to be home!

Guess that is all for now. Wish us luck with bedtime tonight!


  1. I love to hear about all the laughter and smiles warming up your household! What a miraculous time for you all. Enjoy.....the sleep will work out eventually.

    I know, the snow in Vlad, yikes! It is beautiful, but scares me to pieces.

  2. Glad he likes the cats! Next the dogs! I thinkhe will like them too! Here's to getting out of Vlad when we did! Good Luck with the sleepig - it ill come around too!

    Miss you guys lots!

  3. Hey guys, welcome home. Sorry I have not commented in a while, I've been really Ill with thus Upper Resp. infection that has had me in be for basically the last 4 days. Sounds like you got out of there just in time! Glad to hear Jack is doing well at home. We are working on getting Kristina set for school and hopefully she will start (at least part time) next week. Take care.


  4. welcome home curran family!!! let me know when you guys move down to the hampton roads area for good. we would love to meet you and have our boys play together. it's funny you mentioned about jack waking up about 1am and not going back to sleep - logan has been doing the same thing lately! i was attributing it to me going back to work and having a new schedule. but who knows. their adjustment just takes awhile, i guess! hope you are doing well and enjoying mommyhood!