Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still getting adjusted but change seems to be coming!

Well, things here are pretty much the same as the last post though we are seeing signs that the tide is turning! The daylight hours are pretty much going off without a hitch. Feeding times, nap times, bathing, play times, etc are all going very well. It's the overnight hours that we haven't figured out yet. Jack is still getting up at 1am each day but the last two nights he has actually gone back to sleep around 4am, so the three of us have gotten at least a few hours of sleep the last couple of nights. Today, Michelle and I decided that we needed to tag team the little guy so one of us could rest while the other took care of Jack. This worked out very well and for the first time in about a week we weren't total zombies tonight. We figured we needed to take turns resting because we were so tired that we didn't really have the energy to give Jack the full attention he needs and deserves. So, this may be our strategy until he starts resting through the night. It worked today, and Jack was able to play with one of us or both of us at full strength rather than both of us at about 10% energy. How can a 15 month old have way more energy than two adults combined? One of life's funny mysteries I guess.

In addition to the normal routines, we made our first trip out of the house yesterday. We needed to go grocery shopping, so we headed to Sams. Jack did outstanding for the 45 minutes or so we were there. Sams is a an overstimulating place for adults, so for Jack to do well there was saying something. Anyway, he handled the car rides and shopping like a pro. He is such a happy little guy and seems to take anything we throw at him in stride.

Tonight we went through the normal routines and Michelle just read Jack a good book about a bear that was adopted. I wonder if they had to call it a "cave study" instead of a "home study". These are the questions a tired person comes up with.

That's all for now. Hopefully Jack will continue to make strides tonight!


  1. LOL, cave study! We were blessed our guys did the time switch no problemo . . . Mom on the other hand took more than a week. Hang in there!

  2. Way to go Mom and Dad! Great idea! Love the cave study! Had a good chuckle there! Keep up the good work - it will continue to pay off. Love the picture of Jack- he looks very happy!

  3. Great to see your sense of humor alive and well amidst the sleep deprivation :o) I love reading about your normal daily routine now.....such a wonderful thing after such a long journey. Jack has the SWEETEST smile. So happy for you two.

  4. I really enjoy following your blog. My husband and I are STILL waiting for a court date and I have been very depressed lately, thinking we may not have our little guy home by Christmas. Your blog always makes me feel better and reminds me that the process DOES work, and reminds me to keep the faith that we will be returning to Vlad very soon to get our little boy.

  5. Hang in there for the night routine. Have you tried just putting him back to bed and leaving the room - if he's not crying of course? Daniel kept waking up in the wee hours and finally I was just so exhausted I put him back in bed and firmly said "night night" and left the room - he fell back asleep and ever since he slet through the night. Also if you are doing two naps a day (not sure if you are) you may try one longer nap in the early afternoon and he may be more ready to sleep at night for longer periods. Just a thought! I know you guys are doing great!

  6. Bill and Michelle,
    Agree.. Boo Yankees!!! Believe me, he has a Phillies hat and lots of other Phillies stuff. Sure hope he likes baseball because his new room is full of them!!!
    So glad to hear that things are going so well at home. Keep the pictures and updates coming.