Sunday, December 20, 2009

2 months today

July 09, meeting Jackson in Russia:
Dec 09, Jack is now an avid UT fan! Touchdown!!
Taking a walk with Dad and Mom:

Decorating the tree for Christmas:

It has been 2 months today since Gotcha Day, and we are amazed every day at the changes we see in Jack. Just looking at the pictures above, you can see a huge difference. During our first week in July when we visited him, he just sat quietly with very little movement, a flat affect, and stared at his hands. His Doctor at the Orphanage told us he was probably retarded, and basically had failure to thrive. On trip 2 in October, he maintained the flat affect and little or no movement unless encouraged. By the end of our second trip, he was starting to interact with us a little and showed us that he was somewhat interested in the world around him.
Fast forward to today,and you see an entirely different child. He is engaging, smart, laughs, plays with toys and shows more and more promise every day. If Daddy does it, so does Jack. He is attaching to us as parents more and more. Although he tends to "Mommy shop", he seems very attached to Daddy and doesn't seem to want to trade him in.

We do have a couple of concerns, such as poor eye contact and sometimes when we discipline him, he laughs at us (cute now, but won't be soon). His language development is slow, he only says 1 word, but we have a team of specialists that will further evaluate him on January 5th as he has qualified for the Infant and Toddler Program.

Tuesday he has eye surgery to correct the muscles in his eyes. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. His Pediatrician seems to think he is a healthy little guy, and he hasn't even had a cold since he has been home. He is even officially caught up on his inoculation's!

I traveled last week for the first time since we brought Jack home. I was gone Sunday - Friday. I didn't want to travel so soon, but didn't really have a choice in the matter. I cried when I left him, but when I got home - he was waiting at the door with the sweetest hug I have ever had. It made me cry again! I don't think I will have to travel for the next couple of months, but am being told that I will be gone most of May - August. Not sure what we will do about that, but I can't spend the summer away from my son so early in this process.
I guess that's it for the updates for now. We will post again after his surgery and let everyone know how it went


  1. Such big changes in a short period of time. Even not seeing him in person, I can see a huge difference. Failure to thrive may have been an issue, but it seems like what he was missing was the love of you two!!! He's such a gorgeous boy!! Thoughts with you on Tues.

    Artem grads seem to have a great immune system! T really hasn't gotten much more than a runny nose since she's been home. Go Artem!

  2. So good to hear how well Jack is doing. He is thriving! I will be in prayer about the surgery, and look forward to hearing about how well it goes. Love the pictures, too.
    That last paper we have been waiting on will be heading off to Russia early this ready for a court date!!!!

  3. What a cutie! Love that boy! We will be thinking of you and Jackson on Tuesday! Sorry you have to do the travelling Michelle!

  4. Guys, Awesome pics. Can you believe it...two months already! Man time flies! K and J are doing fine too. Santa was a big hit the last couple of nights at parties...they are now getting the spoiling that the Detski Dom ladies were worried about! Hugs to all 3 of you!


  5. Jack's progress is so obvious, I'm so happy for you all!! Its amazing. Michelle, hope you're home for awhile. I'll admit it does make me sad though....we received our referrals just days apart and our little one is stuck there due to paperwork. She should be thriving like Jack.

    I'll be thinking of you all as Jack has his surgery.....hope it goes well and little Jack isn't top scared or uncomfortable....not an easy thing to go thru!