Thursday, December 10, 2009

Believe it or not.... A new post!

Hello again from Curran Land! Sorry we have slacked off on the postings lately. Ever since Michelle went back to work, we are both too exhausted to post anything at night. Jack and I tire each other out during the day, and Michelle is working long hours at her job. Being a housewife is the toughest, most exhausting job I have ever had. How come Wilma Flintstone made this look so easy? I am better looking than she is though.

Anyway, there really isn't too much to report on our end. Jack had his follow up appointment with his pediatrician this week, and he is now officially on the charts on height, weight and head size! He is around the 8th percentile on all three areas, and the Doctor was impressed a the gains Jack has made. He even said something like "I take it Jack doesn't have any trouble eating does he?". All of his blood work came back just fine. Because Jack still has diarrhea from time to time (too much information, I know) he wanted to take another stool sample, so Jack and I returned to the doctors office today to drop off Jacks Christmas gift to the lab. We are getting good at collecting samples. Probably a little too good.

In other news, Jack was evaluated for some help with his developmental delays and he qualifies for some services! Starting in January we will meet with some developmental specialists once a week to work with him on his speech and other areas where he is delayed. We are happy we will be doing this, and we should get some good pointers on how we can work with him to overcome his delays. He is so smart, we feel like once he starts these sessions, he will take to the help like a fish in water.

When we are not filling up specimen jars or working with developmental specialists, we are just enjoying being a family. The Christmas tree is up, and Jack loves his Frosty the Snowman doll. My sisters family sent him a Nativity set (Thanks Chris, Scott, Megan, Katie and Amanda!), and he loves playing with it. He was carrying around Baby Jesus today (though admittedly, Baby Jesus spent most of the day covered in Jack's drool). We are really enjoying our first Christmas season as a family of three!

I guess that's about it for now until we have the energy to post again. I'll leave you with a recollection of a conversation Michelle and I had the other day after Michelle opened a package that had been packed with those foam packing peanuts. I think this conversation would make the Russian court system proud of how we are looking out for our son:

Michelle: "Bill, come help me pick up these foam peanuts. I don't know if they are poisonous and I don't want Jack to touch them"
Me: "Those things aren't poisonous"
Michelle: "They could be, now get over here and help me"
Me: "Why would people be allowed to wrap their packages with poisonous things?"
Michelle: "Are you going to help me or not?"
Me: "I'm still wondering what makes you think they are poisonous. I guess the only reason people use foam peanuts is that it's more cost effective than wrapping up their packages with live King Cobras"
Michelle: "Never mind, I'll pick them up myself..."


  1. Hi Currans! Glad to hear the check-ups have gone so well. That's great news!

  2. I've been watching to see when you would come up for air and post again, LOL! Welcome Bill to the land of stay-at-home parents, and Michelle if you win the lottery will you split it with us? Glad the news on check-ups is good, and great about the intervention visits. We are going to have Peter evaluated in Jan, having some eating issues. It is great that the services are there to help our kiddos! Oh, and I don't think baby Jesus minds being covered in drool, I think it's kinda like the velveteen rabbit, when you are real you get carried around and you fur gets rubbed off, and you lose an eye. In baby Jesus' case it's you get covered in drool!

  3. Gosh I really miss that humor! Glad to hear the doctor appointments are going well. Good for Jack and all the growing he is doing!

  4. That is funny stuff!! Thanks for the smiles. Simply amazing that Jack is already on the charts and doing so well, but then again you are amzing parents :o)

    Love the Snoopy shirt!


  6. Great news! I am so happy to hear how well Jack has adjusted. He is adorable.