Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road Trips and possible helpful medical news for adoptive families..

Michelle is currently on a week long trip for work and for those of you who are Facebook friends of Michelle's, you know that she found a dirty pair of mens socks in her hotel room last night. Nasty right? Anyway, Jack and I miss Mommy terribly when she is gone. Things aren't the same without her, but she and Jack had the cutest phone conversation tonight. The phone was set on "speaker phone" and the two of them chatted for a couple minutes, including Michelle saying that she loved him, and Jack replying with his version of "I love You" which sounds like "I la la". Jack and I went to the Aquarium today and are doing very well to keep out of trouble (so far). We can't wait until Mommy gets home!

On the medical front, I saw an interesting story on the news today. There is an over the counter test coming out this week that tests a persons' DNA to give them an idea about their likelihood of being genetically predisposed to certain medical conditions.

From the article below it looks like the medical community is leaning towards this test being a gimmick at best and it is not yet approved by the FDA.

While I doubt many of us will be rushing out to buy this particular test, maybe it provides hope for adoptive families who desperately want and seek insight into their childs' medical history. Maybe this is the forerunner of better tests in the future.



  1. I'm not worried about you behaving while Michelle is gone, Jackson will keep you on the straight and narrow. Miss you guys!

  2. Hope your wife did not stay at a Marriott. and If not she need stoo so no dirty socks :-) under the bed :-)

  3. Hi Bill & Michelle, my name is Karen Logan and my husband and I have been on our first trip to Vladivostok and are headed back (fingers crossed) within the next few weeks. Was wondering if we could contact you via email or phone to ask you some questions about trip 2?

    My email is kkspring@gmail.com.


    Karen & Mark