Monday, May 17, 2010

A SS# for Jackson!

Yes, after 6 months of fighting with the Social Security office - Jack finally has a SS#. We were close to setting up camp in the front of the SS office until they cried 'uncle'. So glad that he finally did receive this #, and not just because it is off my 'to do' list. We were also able to file for our Federal taxes last night (although we won't get the full Adoption tax credit), and we can also begin to move forward with finalizing Jackson's adoption in the U.S.

On a side note, our adoption agency was WACAP. This is also the agency that was recently suspended in Russia for the Hansen case. We worked well with WACAP, and actually had no issues to speak of. We have suggested WACAP to families starting the adoption process, and will continue to do so. Reading online tonight, I noticed that WACAP filed a petition in Tennessee to investigate the Hansen case. Apparently, the petition was filed due to no local agencies investigating the situation. We feel this should have been filed immediately with the local jurisdiction to show good faith to Russia. There are too many children and families stuck in the middle of this situation to allow for speculation.

Sorry for the rant....back to the best little boy in our world. Here is a list of new words he is saying. He has gone from 1 word "mama" to several.

Jacks Word list & Interpretation

Mama - Mama
Ball - Mall
Hi - Hi
Hello - Yellow
Daddy - Da-Da
I Love you - La lu
Night Night - Nigh Nigh
Hush - Hussss
Meow - Meeeeeeeeeew
Hop - Hop
Yes - yaaasssssss
Go - Go

He also knows a lot of signs.

Comb hair
Brush teeth

This weekend we are taking Jack on his first ever camping trip. His BFF (cousin Emily) will undoubtedly lead him all over the place while holding hands. It is pretty cool to watch these two interact. He immediately goes to her and they hold hands and walk around and play. Not sure how this got started, but it is super cute so we will try to get some good pictures this weekend to post next week. Emily loves being a big cousin to "Baby Jack" (we joke he will be "Baby Jack" even when he is 20 yrs old!), so I am sure they will have a blast this weekend!

Until later, here are a couple older pictures of Jack with his BFF Emily and his 2 doggies.


  1. Good to hear you have the SSN thing behind you...strange how the different offices work...we got our kids right away with no issues. We hope Jack enjoys his first camping trip...

  2. Love the pics...the kids are so cute together and those dogs crack me up!! Wow...he is saying alot of words...that is great!! We are still only on a few but hopefully we continue to progress forward! Can't beieve how long it took to get Jack's SS# - we were so lucky with that as we made one trip to SS office after we received Matt's Certificate of Citizenship and got his SS# in the mail a week or so later. We are now waiting for his US Passport to arrive any day and then that will be off the list of things to do!! I am glad that WACAP filed that petition...agree that something should have been done as soon as it happened and still don't undersand why it was not. Have a great time camping...can't wait to hear how it goes and see lots of pictures.

  3. Wow - Jack is doing so, so well! I'm so glad he gets along with his doggies!

    Clara's SS card came in the mail immediately (we were surprised b/c we thought we had to submit some paperwork), but her middle name is missing. Not looking foward to getting that fixed!

  4. Glad you finally got it.. We had to fight too for a month but at least was not 6 months.