Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Tonight we went to dinner at Applebees and then went down to the beach and boardwalk to watch a Bruce Springsteen cover band. Jack sang and danced and seemed to enjoy himself!
The Curran Family is back together after being apart for a month. I really missed being at home with my favorite guys! I get to stay home for 2 weeks this time & then will have to leave again for awhile. This should go on until around the end of October. We are lucky that I have a good job and Bill can be a stay at home Dad until Jackson gets caught up, but I have to admit the travel is starting to get to me. The travel is starting to get to Bill too, but who can complain in this economy.
When I am home we make the best of it! Bill & Jackson picked me up at the airport on Friday. I was so worried that he would have forgotten about me or that he thought I would have abandoned him (a month is a long time to be gone for a 23 month old), or even that he may reject me. The absolute opposite happened. Jack picked out a frog balloon to take to the airport for me and when he spotted me, he ran towards me shouting "MAMA" & jumped up in my arms and gave me the sweetest, most loving, long hug. He petted my face and kept saying mama over and over. Since I have been home for a couple days, it hasn't stopped either. Jack has been a mama's boy non-stop for 48 hrs. He even gets upset if I go into the bathroom and shut the door - somewhat in a panic he wants in. If I put on my shoes he gets in front of me a little panicked & wants me to pick him up and doesn't want to be put down. It is really sad & bothers me a lot. Although, I am pleased he didn't 'forget' me.
As a result, I have decided to look into the job markets in the NE (Virginia up to Connecticut & over to Pittsburgh). I have a Masters Degree, and have 3 yrs Project Management experience. I also have a Social Work Degree and have 14 years experience in the Social Work field. It seems this combined experience would benefit a company?? Does anyone have any ideas or know companies that are hiring in this region?

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