Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meecha Day - 1 year ago today

Jackson - we met you 1 year ago today ('Meecha Day'). What a difference a year has made. We were so excited about adding you to our family. The Caregiver brought you out in a little striped outfit, a bear hat with ears, and little lamb slippers with ears. You cried when you looked at your Mama, and it was the sweetest cry we had ever heard.

Here is a video of our first few seconds together, and another video of when Mama came home just today from work. Also, here is our first family photo together, taken in the gym of the Artem Baby Home.

Isn't it great what love, nutrition & one on one care can do for a child? It's a true miracle.


  1. That was so precious! We just met our son in March and our meeting for the first time was very similar! Jackson's reaction a year later restores my hope more than I could ever say....thank you again for the beautiful post!

  2. Awwwww......those videos melt my heart!

  3. That was a beautiful video of you meeting him! I hope we get to experience that someday.

  4. Love it! Jackson gets so excited to se his Mama! I love it. Love the video of the first meeting too! Precious!