Friday, July 9, 2010

The Race & Funky Fresh

When I get home after work, I get to see what my boys have been up to all day. Yesterday, Bill apparently took a video of a daily event that happends around 4pm (doggie feeding time).

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did!

Today, Bill took Jack to the Pirate Festival. Jack learned how to talk like a Pirate "Arrrrgh", and had a lot of fun watching bands (and of course had some ice cream)!

Tomorrow we are having a garage sale & then we are going to run some errands. We are going to go Birthday gift shopping for the lil guy because he turns 2 in 2 weeks! We are also going to order him a cake - more than likely it will be car themed.

Next week I am only out of town for 2 days, then get to stay home for a few days before I leave again. Next weekend Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Jeff, Cousin Emily & Cousin Jeffrey are driving down to celebrate Jack's birthday! We are looking forward to seeing them!


  1. The video is awesome! Jack you will get them next time!!! The Pirate Festival looked like fun! Wish we could have went too!!!

  2. We have decided to "retire" the "Welcome Victor" blog that we created on June 9, 2007 and chronicled our adoption process and Victor's introduction to his family and his quick settlement into our and now his daily routines and lifestyle.

    Due to day to day busy-ness we have been unable to keep up the posting this past year and it seems like weekly we get an "anonymous" post which is just spam advertising.

    It was very fun working on this blog and APPRECIATE your comments.

    We will continue to follow your blog.

    We can always be reached at