Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 full weeks of Bill working and Jackson in school - check!

Well, we continue to struggle a bit on week two as well. But the good news first! NO morning tears at drop off! When we walk into the building, we always put his stuff (backpack/lunch/snack/etc) up on a shelf specific to his class. It seems that was creating some anxiety so now we just carry them all the way down to come and play & put them up on the way out. Not sure if this is the real reason - but I am going with it!
The program Jackson is in is from 9:30am - 1:00pm. Its academic in nature and they actually switch subjects throughout the day. From 7:30am - 9:30am and from 1:00pm - 5:00pm they have 'come and play' and 'stay and play'. We are very pleased with the 9:30am - 1:00pm classes and his teacher Ms. Julie. We would prefer not to leave Jackson in the before/after programs but it is necessary right now given our work schedule.
So this brings us to the 'bad news'. Monday Jackson came home with scratches on the left side of his face. I called Tuesday, and nobody knew where they came from. Stay and play said it happened in class, class said it must have happened in come and play and come and play didn't see anything. Then, on Tuesday he bit a little boy in come and play. He didn't break the skin or leave any marks, but they still had to write up an incident report. They have a 3 times & you are out bite policy.
Friday, I was out in the field and my phone rang, it was his teacher. Apparently, Jackson has been hitting himself in the face and scratching himself too. The Teacher tried to get him to stop and that actually resulted in more scratching. She thinks that the scratches from Monday were self inflicted now. Apparently, he was just sitting there at the table with his peers and he started to hit himself. Again at 1pm nap time, he started to hit himself in the face.
Yesterday morning started off pretty rough, so we had him take an early nap then when to a couple of my work sites out in the field and went to lunch together. I had a crew using a back hoe and digging a hole. Jack was IN LOVE with this process. He thought it was the best thing he had ever seen in his entire life!!!! Then we went to Sams and bought some bulk items we have been low on. J doesn't like being in the cart, he wants to run - run- run like a crazy all over the store.
Today we went to Kohls and it was not a good time. I think he is just testing boundaries and is generally overwhelmed. We are concerned, but hope it will even out. So far school has taught him LOTS of words, how to hit, lick, spit and bite. We are practicing "hands to yourself" with him, and patience for us. Right now, Bill and Jackson took a bike ride. When they get back, we will play in the yard and maybe play some Hockey!


  1. Our Little guy was enroll in the Montessori program and for him it was way to structure where we actually saw some regression. At home he was getting aggressive and very stressed out and refused to clean his toys anymore he also refuse to listen to any rules... we were fortunate as he has his early intervention teacher who informed us the school was way to academic for him as he needed more a free play at this time . It was a very had decision but we decided to remove him and now he is enroll in a church nursery school. Since then, we have seens so much progress and he is back to himself no more hitting or aggressive behavior. I can tell now he really like school. He does not cry either when we bring him there and if we ask him how was school he actually is happy to tell us or try to tell us.

  2. The transition to daycare is so hard. We went through this when we brought our first son home. I think he didn't really get used to it until almost 2 months into it. Hang in there.