Sunday, March 6, 2011

1st full week of school and work - Check!

My boys dressed the same (it was an accident!)

Jackson found Daddy's old Lacrosse helmet

The favorite part of making a special treat, licking the spoon!

Bill started his full time job last Monday, and actually seems to be enjoying work. They are doing lots of testing and he is doing very well. He missed the adult conversation and general camaraderie. His company has a gym, so he also plans to start to hit the gym on a regular basis.

Jackson completed his first full week of school and is EXHAUSTED. Exhausted in an understatement actually. I drop him off in the morning, and Bill picks him up around 5pm. From 5pm - 7pm he just sobs hysterically until we read/rock/go night night. We just feel so sorry for him right now. What an adjustment. We hope this week will be better.
This weekend has been tough, Jackson has had poor behavior (again, an understatement). We are hoping that it is due to the adjustment and learning some boundaries. Keep your fingers crossed.

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