Thursday, March 17, 2011

Million dollar question - have we turned the corner?

Jackson has had a wonderful week! Starting Sunday afternoon, his behavior did a complete turn around and he seems back to 'normal'. Normal for our wonderful son is a typical, ornery 2 year old that has a streak of more ornery! Tomorrow on the way home from school Bill will stop at the store and Jackson gets to pick out a balloon for his good behavior. Jack has actually been looking forward to this all week. Next week, we are going to set shorter term/daily/simple rewards for good behavior and see how that works.

Monday I took Jack to the Pediatrician because his eyes seem irritated and guess what? Pink eye (although past the contagious stage)! Poor little guy, as if he hasn't had enough poking around on his eyes. He is getting antibiotic drops now. Seems pink eye is running rampant in his classroom. He was excellent at the doctor other than some simple anxiety. He is up in weight to 27.5 lbs and even though he has had a runny nose and cough, his lungs were clear and he is healthy as usual. We are thankful he is starting to put on more weight.

My lower right jaw has been bothering me so I finally went to the dentist today. Of course, I have a cracked tooth and had to have a crown. It took 2 doctors to numb me and about 2 hrs of poking with needles. Finally they were able to grind down my tooth and put a temporary crown on. I go back in a few weeks to get a permanent crown. Bla.

Bill is enjoying his job. He actually gets to speak to adults now, and seems to be happy about that. Today he got his first paycheck and I am sure if I sneak up on him right now, he will be holding his paycheck smiling from ear to ear. I think he would like to go spend it on beer and wings, but it all goes to school! Poor Bill...maybe wings next week!


  1. So glad to here that Jack is adjusting so well at school. Matt started in a new class at school this week and so we have had some very rough mornings! Thankfully I hear he gets over it quickly and when I get there to pick him up he doesn't want to leave! :) Pink eye is going around here also....I am so hoping we can stear clear of it! :)

  2. Glad to hear things are getting better for Jackson. How is Bill doing at dropping him off? Is he getting better at that too? I hope the pink eye goes away quickly. That is no fun at all! Miss you guys lots!

  3. I'm back to blogging, Michelle!
    So good to keep up with all of you.
    Your friendship, over the miles, has meant so much to me.

  4. So did Bill get any wings and beer this weekend?? ;-)

    Hope the transition continues to go well and there are no more biting incidents. I know that can be very common (Anna bit me last night while we were playing! not common for her)

    Good job on 27.5 lbs! Wonder how old our little midge will be when she reaches that??

    Hope you're not having to work sooo many hours. Take care.

  5. Chase went through a bitting phase about age 3. Perfectly normal. Heck, I bit Kristi Sampson in the second grade. Got paddled by Ms. Diem out in the hallway and never bit again (and Kristi Sampson never hit me again either)!