Sunday, February 27, 2011

15 shirts and a black eye

We are getting ready for our first hectic week of all 3 of us going somewhere full time. Its Bills first day at work, and Jacks first week on a 5 day a week school program. We decided to eliminate some of the chaos and iron all of our shirts ahead of time. Bill sectioned off some snacks ahead of time too.
This isn't a very good picture, but Jack has his first shiner. When we were dog sitting, Jackson got a little rough with the Puggle. Needless to say "eye hurt", "eye hurt" turned into a black eye the next day.
Tomorrow Jack has a 9am eye appointment (a follow up from the Strabismus surgery, not anything to do with the black eye). I have been spoiled because normally Bill would take him and I could just go to work. I will have to miss a couple meetings but I am also looking forward to spending more time than usual with the little guy.
The adjustments just keep on coming!

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  1. Hey Michelle & Bill -- This is Amy (of Amy and Tatiana) but I think I am still signed in under my gmail account and NOT my blogger account (sigh!! so frustrating that they won't let me tie them).

    Anyway -- super behind and getting caught up. Congrats to Jack on school!! Yea!! And Congrats to Bill on the new gig. Awesome!! Can't wait to hear about it. And I think I peed my pants a little when they told Bill he wasn't doing as good as Jack is...