Monday, February 7, 2011

Quickie Post

All the Curran's are sick these days. I brought it home from work, then it moved to Bill and Jackson. Poor Jackson is so snotty and he just can't figure out how to blow his nose! If he doesn't feel better tomorrow Bill is going to take him to the doctor. We had to cancel Speech Therapy today, and tomorrow we are canceling his school as well. Bill has a second job interview on Thursday at 10am, and I have a mandatory appointment out of town at 9am on that day, so hopefully Jackson will feel better and can go to school that day....otherwise we may be in trouble.

We have noticed a HUGE increase in his words since he went to school last week. How on earth can 2 partial days of school increase his vocab by so much?? He is just jibber jabbering ALL the time now. Its awesome. Little things that we have been saying forever, or even things we have only said one time - just come right out of his mouth! Of course, they aren't perfect but it's a great start (and super cute). His favorite word right now is "no". Everything is "no mama" or "no daddy". We are waiting for the "why" word to start - anyone wanna guess?


  1. Anna is asking WHY all the time.....but Dylan never really did, so he may or may not go thru the WHY stage. Sorry you're all sick :o( NO FUN. Thats just awesome the Jack is doing so great in school. Thats HUGE. I so hope Anna will do well in the fall. Take care of yourselves! Good luck Bill.

  2. I hope you all get well soon! Daniel has been really sick also and he's currently coughing like crazy. Seems to be going around!

    Glad school is going so well for Jack!

  3. Hope you guys are feeling better! We have all been under the weather in our house as well!! It is amazing how their vocabulary's explode once they are in school with other glad to hear Jack is doing well and good luck to Bill with his 2nd interview.