Thursday, February 3, 2011

My boys...

Today was Jackson's second day of school! As you can see, he was excited to go. But when Bill dropped him off, it was a different story. A meltdown would be an understatement, and when Bill called me I could hear his voice crack as he was explaining Jacks little hands reaching out for him. Breaks my heart for both my boys. I called a couple hours later and the Teacher said he was doing very well and was sitting there working on shapes with his peers. It will all work out, just a little tough right now.
Bill started applying for jobs and already had an interview today. He was there from 8:30am - 12:30pm (4 hour interview!). It went well and he has a second round interview at the same company next week. If it worked out, he would start full time the first of March. Jack's school doesn't have a full time opening available right now, but we are 1st on the wait list. I hope it all works out, but if it doesn't, then we will figure out something. During April and May I will be working up anywhere from 12-18 hr days, so if he doesn't get the job it may be a blessing in disguise.
Oh, we asked Jack all about his day and what he worked on. He has computer lab, and when we asked about how computer lab was, he responded "broke" (uh oh!). When we asked about what the Teacher said at lunch, he said "sit down". Also, they had beach themed photos taken, when we asked him how that went, he said "I throw fish". That pretty much sums up my little guy!


  1. Our little guy too on the second day of school he had a meltdown. On the third he start screeming as soon as we were on the road direction the school . But same teacher told us he was fine once in class. It took him a week to figure out not only I won't go to class with him but I will always picked him up. So hang on he will be okay. I think I was the one more a mess then him. LOL

  2. The 1st few weeks for us were tough but the teachers would tell us that Matt would be fine within a few minutes after we left. Jack will too!! :) Good luck with Bill and the job hunting! Keep us updated!