Sunday, May 10, 2009

Reflections on Mothers Day

As we wait for our referral and continue to work hard everyday to prepare to bring our child(ren) home, I seem to have mixed emotions on this Mothers Day. Simply said, I am ready to be a mother. I will be 36 yrs old next month, and have always put my career and traveling (insert about any activity here) first in my life.

Bill and I have been on this journey of becoming a family with children for a few years now, and at first I have to admit, I wondered "is this the right time to put my career and other aspects of my life second". As we have moved forward with this journey, and after we lost our first child that - YES, it is 100% time that we put other things second. For those that know me well, know that this is a big ol' shift of events for me! What I decided about 2 yrs ago is that I don't really have to put anything 'second' other than work. I don't plan to work 12 - 13 hr days anymore after we bring him/them home. I no longer feel the need to work my butt off for a company to succeed. I feel like being the best Mother I can be IS success! As an example, my last company filed bankruptcy, and walked several hundred of us out of the front door one morning a few months ago. It didn't bother me at first, but then I started to feel like a sucker for working so hard for them and putting them first in my life. It was an eye opening experience. What I gained from my last company was insight. Insight of what is important, and what is not important - at least for me.

Bill and I took our 2 dogs to the beach today, and had a lot of fun! Just to take 2 dogs to the beach, it was a lot of preparation (water, refill water, towels, treats, baths afterwards, etc)! Neither one of us can wait until we are lucky enough to put our child(ren) first in our life for these family activities we enjoy. I wish we would have brought our camera, Copper our Retriever mix was jumping in the waves and would get knocked down. Gracie our Puggle would run into the wave, then run her little legs off to try to outrun it.

Happy Mothers Day to all the women out there! It's your deserve it! To our own Mothers, we love you both very much.

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