Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been watching video's on YouTube again! This is an informational video that WACAP did. We do like WACAP a lot, so I don't mind the endorsement on our blog.

We found out today that our Case Worker is traveling during the entire month of June and the Director will be gone for some time prior to this. The Director will be taking a lot of donated supplied to the orphanages during that time. Perhaps she can bring home our little guy since the trip home will be much lighter :)


  1. Hi Bill and Michelle :)

    Good to find you! Hoping you hear something from those well rested Russian!! And here's to some good summer travel for you. I'd love to get some Vladivostok summer pics - my travel was fall and winter!!


  2. Are you using WACAP? That is our agency.

  3. Hi,

    We are another wacap family! We came home in Aug 2008 from Novosibirsk with our 2 little ducklings! Our blog is on this blogroll too-

    Best wishes on your journey!

  4. Yes, that would be fantastic if they could bring home your little guy. :-)