Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some final words on attachment (for now)........

If the word "adoption" was an acronym, the "A" would stand for "attachment”. That's how important it is, it would be the leadoff hitter for the whole adoption acronym. Without a solid leadoff hitter, your team doesn’t go very far (hopefully the owner of the Baltimore Orioles is following our blog). By the time we get our little guy(s) home, we’ll be 18-24 months behind the attachment 8-ball, and we’ll have to make up that time one day at a time. As with every aspect of adoption, nothing happens overnight. For our child to properly attach with us, we anticipate weeks, months, and years of work ahead of us. The time we put in over those first crucial weeks after we have our little guy(s) home can and will be the foundation for our family dynamic for years to come. We will do whatever it takes to be successful in our endeavor.

I think for now we have exhausted the topic of attachment. We’ll definitely revisit the subject closer to bringing our little one(s) home, but for now Michelle and I are ready for a break on the subject ourselves (as I’m sure our readers are).

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