Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Butter - It's Not!"

Jack has been home with us for 3 months now, and oh what a 3 months it has been! As far as Bill and I are concerned, our lives have totally changed. We have moved, changed jobs, changed roles, and completely changed our way of living. For example, we now use coupons more often, shop at the Dollar Store, and look for bargains in bulk. We have gone from buying "I can't believe its not butter" to buying "Butter, It's Not!",a cheap knockoff version. When I travel, I bring home toilet paper, soap and tissues from the hotel. I have also gone from having my hair done once every 6 weeks to once every 3 months and am officially letting my grey slowly grow out (ouch!). Instead of Bill going to get a professional haircut, he gets a wife haircut. His hair is so thick I just buzz it now! Jack has had a couple Mommy haircuts too! Is all this worth it? Oh my gosh yes! This is why....

Jack had 3 appointments last week. 1 appointment with his Pediatrician for his 18 month follow up. 1 appointment with his Speech Therapist, and 1 appointment with the play group through Early Infant and Toddler Intervention. His Pediatrician is pleased with his growth and development. Here are some stats:

Jackson is 75% in height for his age
Jackson is 3% in weight for his age
Jackson is 10% in head circumference for his age

When we first brought him home, he was not on the chart for head/weight. Just look what proper nutrition can do. Jackson has gone from not saying anything to constant babble. He also knows several different words in sign language. He picks up on things after the 1st time of showing him, rarely does he have to be shown twice. We are really proud of him.

For Jackson, we will eat 'Butter, It's Not!' happily!

Also, today we had our first snow day with Jackson. So far today we have gotten about 6 inches of snow which is a rarity for our area. We are known more for surf boards than sleds around here. Anyway, Jack loved making his first snowman. He would have stayed out and played all day if we would have let him. When we were dressing him we were reminded of how he was always dressed in Russia with 3 or 4 layers of clothing (never mind the fact that we put 4 layers on him to play in the snow and they put 4 layers on him to play in an 85 degree gymnasium in the middle of summer!)


  1. Do you do I like to check them out before shopping - usually some good ones! You've had a crazy year -- but man -- I look at that face (LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic by the snowman) and WOW! What a change -- you can just tell he's such a happy boy! Way to go MOM AND DAD!

  2. Love the pictures! Jackson is so darn cute! Great job Mom and Dad all the way around! Miss you guys lots!

  3. Amazing progress, completely adorable little man....yes, thinking the changes are all for the BEST. Much love your way!!