Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Formal Announcement of Jackson!

We wanted to share Jack's announcement with everyone. He has a little mischievous look on his face that tells the whole story!

We have had a busy, busy week! The Early Infant and Toddler program brought a team of specialist's out on Tuesday evening to further evaluate Jack. He qualified for speech therapy. Therapy will be 1 day a week in our home for 1 hour to start out with, then we will probably ramp up to more than one session a week when Jack is comfortable with things. As of now, Jack only says 1 word ("mama"), but does say other syllables. We are hopeful that this will jump start his speech.

We also had a post-op appointment with the Opthamologist this week. Jack's eyes began to intermittently turn in last Friday, but the doctor didn't seem too concerned. There is a chance that he will eventually need surgery again, but it may just be his brain trying to decide what to do. We began to patch his right eye again this week for 3 hours each day (up from 2 hrs daily). This should make his left eye stronger over time.

Today, we were also finally able to apply for Jack's Social Security #. Apparently, the SS office wants to have someone local translate the Russian documents even though the translation was provided. Long story short, this process will take about a month and then they will officially process the request. On a side note, there was a pretty wide range of people at the social security office. The cast of characters there ranged from nice, pleasant older people to people whom have probably been on America's Most Wanted or Cops. Nobody was smiling, and I was fairly worried that gunfire would erupt at any moment. Anyway, Jack lightened the mood when he let out a happy shriek at one point. Everyone from the psychopath looking guy in the corner of the room to the security guard let out a chuckle. Our little guy can melt the heart of any person!


  1. Glad KJackson was able to qualified for speech therapy our little one is the same, he is doing Speech therapy, Occupation Therapy and Motor Skill therapy. It is actually a lot of fun.
    I can believe you on the Social security #... What a nightmare. Finally 2 weeks after I guess we had a different lady and she only wnated to see his Russian passport as they will verify the rest with homeland security.
    I hope Jackson's eyes will get better very soon.

    Happy Neew Year from the Spera family. (Our little one entered our lives on November 19th)

  2. Love it! That is one cutie patootie.

  3. Bill I would look for another SS office and try applying there. Gloria got ours done in about 20 minutes and we received them in 10 days.

  4. Love the announcement....he looks absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I keep meaning to tell you that I love, love his was our boys name (which we definitely don't need now with two girls!) It's my mom's maiden name and I've always wanted to use it for a boy and was certain we would until the winds of fate changed directions! I smile each time I see it here!

  6. Michelle and Bill, You don't know us and I have never posted a comment but I found your blog in August and have been following ever since. You have made us laugh and cry along with you on your journey. My husband and I are also adopting from Russia as well. We are adopting a little girl from Samara Russia. We met her over Thanksgiving and are now waiting for court dates. Thank you for doing this blog it has helped us so much. You will never know. I love to hear about how well Jackson is doing now. It gives us so much hope for our little princess. We have a blog as well but signed a confidentiality agreement with our agency so it is private. All the best to you. By the way "I LOVE THE ANNOUNCEMENT".

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the announcement! Jackson is so beautiful!