Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 1.5 to Jack!

The pictures of Jack above are from the week we first met him, and then today. He was 11 months old when we travelled to Vladivostok for Trip One, and he turned 18 Months today. It's pretty easy to see the change in him huh? He wasn't walking around with drums on his head back in Vlad! They frown on allowing your children to wear musical instruments as hats over there.

To celebrate Jacks big 1-8 (months) we made a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. Actually it was turkey bacon which is okay, but definitely a disappointment compared to the real thing. I think bacon is one of those things that was meant to be enjoyed in it's original form. I feel the same way about turkey bacon as I do about "grilled" chicken wings. Enough about my food preferences though, I should be on a diet anyway.

After a nice walk around the neighborhood where we took advantage of a nice 60+ degree day here, we went to the mall for a little lunch and a stroll to the puppy store. Michelle liked the Jack Russells (maybe because of their first names?), I liked the two chows, and Jack liked all of them! He is definitely an animal lover and we can't wait to take him to a zoo in the spring or summer. He will love seeing more animals than just dogs and cats like he sees at our weekly pet store visits, though I'm fairly sure one of the chows we saw today was actually a black bear cub.

Tonight we dropped Michelle off at the airport for a week long business trip, then Jack and I settled in for a little football watching (congrats to Peyton Manning, a UT Volunteer in case you didn't know), dinner, bath, and bedtime. We will miss Mommy this week, but we are busy with three appointments of our own (a play group tomorrow, his 18 month doctors appointment on Tuesday and speech therapy on Thursday). The speech therapy class will actually be our second one of those. We had one this past Friday but it was largely just an introductory meeting where we discussed goals and things. I think we will start to get into more learning stuff this week. Maybe we'll have a good story or two for you out of our busy week!


  1. WOW - Jack is beyond adorable and he looks like a different little boy! Amazing what a family can do :)

  2. I so recognize the tell-tale Artem jumpsuit!!

    Bill, I am with you -- turkey bacon isn't bacon :) And wings are meant to be NOT grilled. I'll accept the boneless (less messy, but that might be a chick thing!) - but the grilled just aren't the same.

    Jackson looks GREAT! What a difference!! Happy 18 months!

  3. Finally an update, man you SAHD's must have a lot going on to go and forget all of your blog watching friends for such a long time...come on who we kiddin', you are so caught up in the soap opera watching you forgot all about us right? LOL...Hope you guys are doing well, Gloria has a serious strep infections and was in bed most of the weekend...we did make it to our FRUA-Illinois Grandfather Frost celebration and had a blast, though the kids are not as eger to meet him as they are Santa, not sure why...Have a great week and keep me updated on what Erica is up to on All my Children!


  4. I love that boy! He is such a cutie! Happy 18 month birthday buddy! Love you! Jack - good luck at speech! Michelle - safe travels.
    Bill - keep up the blogging - you always seem to make me laugh when I read them. Also keep up the good work with Jack - HE LOOKS TERRRIFIC!

  5. He's so handsome! Did Michelle buy the turkey bacon and then conveniently leave on a business trip so that you two would be stuck eating the healthy food while she's gone? Feed it to the dogs! Rebel and go out and buy some good ole fat pig bacon!