Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review

We have had a really busy year, and we are constantly in transition. Looking back at 2011, we have had a lot of firsts..but we have also had a lot of seconds! It is humbling to review the milestones and achievements of our little guy, and we are very proud of his growth and development. He is completely a different kid than he was a year ago.

January 11th - 1st minor league hockey game of the year (many more to come)
February 1st – Started school part time
February 28th – Started school full time
March 24th – First kiss, we have a ladies man
April 20th – Spring Program at school
May 28th – 1st theme park rides, officially an addict
June 1st – 1st visit to Miss Donna – back up babysitter
June 5th – Annual Pirate Festival
July 7th – Missouri Vacation
July 8th – 1st professional haircut
July 11th – Graduated to the big boy bed
July 15th – Knoxville Vacation
July 24th – I turned 3 years old!
July 30th – Doctors visit, I weigh 28 lbs and was 37” tall
August 12th – 2nd eye surgery
September – 1st Professional Hockey game
October 5th – 2 year post placement report
October 23rd – Busch Gardens Vacation
October 20th – Gotcha Day, 2 years!
November 18th – Learned the word “WHY”, haven’t stopped asking it yet.
November 27th – Thanksgiving with family
December 14th – Re-adoption finalized in Virginia
December 17th – Christmas Program at school
December 25th - Santa brought me a tractor!
December 29th - Ocean City Vacation
December 31st – Graduated out of pull ups at nighttime! Results TBD...


  1. Yeah! What a great update! Glad Jack is doing so well!!!

  2. WOW! Lots has happened. Happy New Year!