Saturday, January 14, 2012

Twin bed for Jackson!

Last weekend, we bought a trundle bed off of Craig's List. It was solid white and I loved it. I thought that the white color was too 'girly' so to make it more masculine I painted it chocolate brown. I had the plan laid out to strip, sand and prime for the new paint color. Jackson and I went to Home Depot to buy the supplies that we didn't have in stock at home. While we were there, the employee that worked in the paint department convinced me that I didn't need all that prep work and I was wasting my time. Instead, he said we needed to buy a certain (expensive) kind of paint with the primer built in. Well, this was a fail. It took a ba-zillion coats of paint, and still doesn't look good. I guess we are going to have to strip the brown paint and start again.

Here is Jackson doing the "pretend" sanding in his hard hat and hockey skates. My boy is prepared for a hard days work! Today we are going to go back to Home Depot, and I hope that guy is there because I really want to tell him that his advice sucked. Last night Bill and I put the bed together (it was in pieces), and it literally should have been a 10 minute project that took 1 1/2 hrs. Although it wasn't comical at the time, today I find it hilarious.

Jackson is so excited about his new bed he can't stand it! We already have new sheets and a monkey blanket. Now we just have to finish the bed - keep your fingers crossed..................

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  1. Ugh. Always always sand something before you paint it! White is my favorite furniture color so Oliver has a white bed and least he has manly sheets.

    Can't wait to see the finished product. It'll be worth the effort.