Friday, January 13, 2012

A Cruise and A Lovers’ Quarrel

We have officially placed a deposit on a Disney Cruise for July 2013! The 4 day Cruise is a “Russian Reunion Cruise” for families that have adopted from Russia. It is still 1 ½ years away, but Bill and I are super excited. I asked Jackson last night if he wanted to take a Disney Cruise, and he said “yeah”, even though he has no idea what I was talking about. The super cool thing about this trip (not that the trip itself won’t be super cool enough on its own!), is that Jackson will turn 5 years old while on the cruise! We have been wanting to have a big birthday bash for him somehow, and I believe this will do it! It will be awesome to connect with so many friends that we have gotten to know over the years, as well as see some old friends we originally met while in Vladivostok.

Now onto the lovers’ quarrel. Jackson is a ladies’ man, and has been since he started school. I did not believe it at first, but it is coming more and more apparent. Anyway, he has a girlfriend named “Natalie” at school. Sometimes, the teachers make them sit at different tables because they get too wrapped up in each other. Last night, when Jackson came home, he said “Natalie is not my friend”. When we asked why, he said that she pushed him. He would not admit any wrong doing, but we both suspect he was wrestling her to the ground and had her in a head lock and she finally got tired of it. Today, when Bill picked Jackson up from school he saw the two of them playing in a blissful state. Jackson has reported “Natalie is my friend”. It may be time to meet her parents!!

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  1. Sooooo excited for the cruise!!!! Matt will turn 5 early July so maybe we can have a double b- day party!!!!! How fun!!!!! Don't want time to fly BUT can't wait for July, 2013