Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adoption Facts vs. Myths

Myth #1: Adopted kids grow up to have lots of problems.
Life experience should dispel this myth. Ask around and you'll be surprised by the number of well-adjusted people who have been adopted.

Myth #2: You can't really love an adopted child as much as you could love your "own" child.
Oh yes you can! Love is not limited to biology. Love for your children, by birth or adoption, grows from parenting, from nurturing, and from sharing your life. Your child is yours regardless of how he joined your family.

Myth #3: The kids adopted from Russia have all kinds of problems.
There are no guarantees in parenting - or in life, for that matter. Birth children and adopted children can have health, learning, or behavioral issues.

Myth #4: Adopted children should/will feel grateful to their adoptive parents.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but gratitude is not inherent in the nature of most children.

Myth #5: You are more likely to get pregnant after you adopt.
Adoptive children do not cast a fertility spell on their parents. Most couples with fertility issues find the comment to be a constant irritant.

Myth #6:
People who choose adoption for their baby are cold, heartless and selfish.
A mother who chooses adoption for her baby has to carry her baby in her womb for 9 months. She has nurtured that child and has bonded with that child. For a woman to place her baby in the arms of another is one of the most painful acts of selflessness known. She can only do so out of ultimate love for their child in hopes of providing for him or her the family and life she believes her child deserves.


  1. Does anyone really believe #5?

  2. What a great list! My favorite is #2 and #5 cracks me up! I had an aunt say to me once "well now that you have adopted, you will surely get pregnant." Boy did I blow her out of the water when I told her we chose to adopt. :-)