Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fundraiser for Kim!

Hi everyone! We have been very fortunate to talk to some wonderful families that have adopted from Russia. Nancy, Nicole, Janette, Ken and most recently Kim have been a wealth of knowledge and support during this process.

Kim and her husband adopted their first little boy from Russia in 2005, and their second little boy was adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007. They are now in process of adopting #3, this time a little girl from Russia!

Like many families that adopt internationally, Kim and her husband are very creative in possible fundraising. It is uncomfortable for many to solicit funds from family and friends - but Kim and co. has had a pretty cool idea I thought worthwhile to share. Go to and check out the custom blanket that is being auctioned off for $5. Choose from America, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, China, Vietnam and Guatemala. There is not a limit on how many raffle tickets you can purchase.

Kim's blog:

Thanks everyone for your continued support of our adoption journey - as well as your support of wonderful people like Kim and her husband that are true advocates for orphans!

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  1. Awwww thanks! That is so nice of you!! Thank you for your support and the day of chatting!! :)