Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Positive Adoption Language

The way we talk—and the words we choose—say a lot about what we think and value. When we use positive adoption language, we say that adoption is a way to build a family just as birth is.
Words not only convey facts, they also evoke feelings. Positive adoption language can stop the spread of misconceptions and prevent hurt feelings of the child and/or the birthparent.

Positive Language vs Negative Language
Birthparent vs Real parent
Biological parent vs Natural parent
Birth child vs Own child
My child vs Adopted child; Own child
Born to unmarried parents vs Illegitimate
Terminate parental rights vs Give up
Make an adoption plan vs Give away
To parent vs To keep
Biological or birthfather vs Real father
Making contact with vs Reunion
Parent vs Adoptive parent
Intercountry adoption vs Foreign adoption
Permission to sign a release vs Disclosure
Search vs Track down parents
Child placed for adoption vs An unwanted child
Court termination vs Child taken away
Child with special needs vs Handicapped child
Child from abroad vs Foreign child
Was adopted vs Is adopted

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  1. What a fantastic list and a great resource for those new to the adoption world. I wish some people in my life would go by this. :)