Thursday, March 19, 2009

Police clearance resolved?!?

Between Jessica, Pam, and my new friend Kim in Tennessee, we have finally figured out the police clearance issues (well, I think!).

I called TBI in Nashville and they are going to mail 6 ‘blue cards’ to Harmony. Harmony will mail these to us and we will run to the city county building and get fingerprinted. When we receive our referral, we will submit the fingerprints and hope they process them within 2-3 weeks. Sound easy? After we receive them back, Bill and I will do a cover page (as we have done several times throughout this process) notarizing the document as an unaltered original. We will send the document to Jessica, and she will then send them back to TN for an apostille. Whew…….

Now, we just need to figure out ‘whom’ to send them to! We also need to figure out if I can get my cover page notarized in a different state if necessary. I anticipate the later question being answered with a “no”. Since I will be traveling a lot prior to the adoption being final, we are trying to get a couple of things completed now. Normally, our homestudy agency could probably just send us to get fingerprinted locally, and it would help with a little of this drama, but I need to prevent taking time off at my new job and save all my vacation time (which is limited) for when our little one comes home. Luckily for us, our agencies are ‘creative’ in finding resolutions!


  1. I am glad you figured some of this out and hope the process is easy. What a pain to have to do all of these fingerprints! David once said "we have got to be the most fingerprinted "non-criminals" in the state!" :)

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