Sunday, June 28, 2009

$200 win!

We went to see Bill's family this weekend in Maryland for a special occasion (that is a later post), and we attended an Aberdeen Ironbirds game Saturday night.

When we walked into the stadium, Bill was approached by a Personal Trainer from a local gym and asked him if he wanted to win $200. Of course, we were skeptical of the actual prize money - but Bill willingly entered a competition to ride a stationary bike for the entire 4th inning of the game and compete against 2 other people.

We went up at the 3rd inning and Bill stretched and sized up his competition. The lady was a runner, had a perfectly fit physique - and just happened to have running shoes with her. The other competitor, was 4 beers in - nuf said.

The competition started, and seemed to go on forever. Competitor #3 finally slowed down after he broke a sweat and started on beer #5. The female was peddling her heart out, and it didn't look good for Bill. After 20 minutes (and Bill begging for someone on the field to strike out) the competition ended.

Bill won by around 3/10 of a mile! He peddled almost 10 miles in 20 minutes for an actual $200 prize! He did a great job, and is considering winning the Tour de France next...look out Lance Armstrong!

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