Monday, June 29, 2009

Travel conference call

We had our call last Friday with our agency. The call was basically to explain to us what we were to expect during the week in Russia. A driver will meet us in Moscow at our layover, and take us to a hotel if we decide we want one. After that, he will take us to our terminal and hand deliver us at the check in counter.

When we get into Vlad, our driver will pick us up outside of baggage claim. At this point, we may or may not go direct to the MOE to receive a formal invitation to meet the little giant (as he has become known in our house). So, later this week we should get word on where we go after our flight from Vlad. We will be tired, but would really like to go to the MOE that day AND meet the little giant that afternoon if at all possible.

I will have one or two more posts between now and Friday night to keep everyone informed. Our cell phones will not work while in Vlad, so more likely we will just leave them home!


  1. Best of luck to you. I went on my first trip in June and didn't take the hotel during the layover in Moscow--it was a big mistake. Defintely get the hotel room--I believe it is $80. The layover in the airport was the worst part of trip--it is tiny, had no food, very uncomfortable, no places to shop. Go for the hotel room, another family did and was in much better shape when they arrived--you could nap, shower, or just have a comfortable place to sit while you wait. Good luck

  2. I know our travel conference call was right on the money. Everything they said would happen - happened just like they said. We did do a "day room" in Moscow on they way out. It was great. We got to sleep and shower. When we arrived in Vlad, we went directly to the MOE so getting to sleep and shower after the other flight was nice.

  3. Fantastic! Can't wait to follow along!

  4. Michelle and Bill, if you are meeting with German in Moscow send me an email and I will send you back a picture of him so you know who to look