Monday, June 8, 2009

Nothing new to report

The Director of WACAP is coming home right now from Russia. I was hoping that she would bring some good news about increased trending in referrals from our region, but as of 8pm EST today - no new news. It's a "standstill" for now. No movement, etc, etc. We have been registered since Feb in Vladivostok (and started this process 10 months ago)- we are so ready!

In the meantime, Bill and I are both learning some Russian. We know basic words (bye, hi, no, yes, tasty, tea, sleepy, soup, thanks, you're welcome, cat, I don't understand, etc). So far Bill's favorite word is "thanks". We will continue this journey. Foreign languages do not come easy for either one of us. Bill knows a little Spanish, I know a little Bulgarian and Sign Language. If we can get about 50+ words under our belt I will start to feel more comfortable to demonstrate some basic Russian in front of a judge (which we have been told is a current trend).

Our next task is starting a life book. I am the LEAST crafty human on the face of the earth, and have NO clue where to even start on this process. Anyone have any ideas???

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