Sunday, June 14, 2009

So there I was....

Running around like a chicken with my head cut off Friday. Every task had a follow up task, then a follow up issue, then a follow up emergency...etc, etc. I left work around noon to run over to visit a Realtor and take her some information about a possible house. After spending 45 minutes with her, I find out that she basically has to take our information to 'another' Realtor but more than likely will not be able to do that until the first of next week (even though the documents needed to be time stamped). At this point, my 1 hrs lunch break was gone and I was irritated. I kindly told the lady that I am slammed at work, and its her commission so she should have made arrangements to come pick up our information vs me taking it to her to begin with. To add insult to injury, I now had to extend my lunch hour and run to a different town and drop off our information AGAIN. My 'cranky' side came out even more when she couldn't figure out how to sort all the documents. I took the documents from her, sorted them myself and left. I called (poor) Bill and was giving him an ear full about the incompetence of this agent and how can she expect to make any money in this economy and be so lazy...etc, etc... you get the picture. Poor Bill did too.

So I go to the other town, drop off the information to learn that the correct information was never communicated the 'real' Realtor. I met with her for a short time, gave her my business card and drove quickly back to work to attempt to meet my quota for the week end and not sit there until midnight. (Poor) Bill got another call, and I was still livid. In true hubby style, he said a lot of "wows", and "that isn't good" but of course was super calm.

Finally, back at work after a 2 hr lunch break (not to mention a bank visit I left for earlier because the 'fake' Realtor told me I had to have a Cashiers Check but then the 'real' Realtor refused to take it), looking at about 14 hrs of work sitting in front of me that I need to get done in about 2 hrs for my customer. All the information I was looking at wasn't right, and I just felt super frustrated.

Then, Bill called me. Bill doesn't ever call me at work unless its a true emergency. Occasionally he will e-mail me, but he doesn't ever call. My heart dropped and I was really worried. And then he said:

"Honey, we have a referral - they left me a voice mail".

OH MY GOSH! WHAT????? I checked my email and there was a message from the Director requesting our phone #'s because she needed to call us. Our regular Coordinator is off work for a month, and I guess she didn't put my new phone # in the database. I tried to call her and she was OUT - oh no!!! I left her a voice mail. This is such a surprise, it was supposed to be around the August/September time frame for a referral!

About 30 minutes later, I called her again. I couldn't handle it anymore!!! I couldn't focus on the mounds of work in front of me, and the lunch break I was previously so irritated about was all history.

It's a little boy. He is a cutie pie. We are so happy! The IA docs have been sent all the medical information, and hopefully we can speak with them on Monday. Of course we can't share any information for confidentiality reasons, but wish we could. Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you Russia for the Birthday gift!


  1. Yay!! How exciting! I hope the IA docs give you the all clear for him. How exciting!!

  2. YEAH!!!! So happy for you guys!!

  3. What a day! Congrats!!! I hope the IA doctor gives you good news today.