Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving in the right direction

Our flights ended up not being booked last night - long story, don't ask! However, today they were officially booked and confirmed!

Also today we confirmed our reservations at the Vlad Motor Inn. We wanted to stay at the hotel closest to the baby home (I get car sick), but this information is confidential until we are in country. Therefore, the VMI it is.

We worked a little on the hotel in Moscow for the layover - but didn't get it booked yet. The Novotel Sheremetyevo is an option there - more on that next week.

Our Visa applications were received this morning in Seattle. Apparently, our invitations have been requested from Russia. As soon as the invitations have been received, our application will go out.

This weekend we are going to finish our photo album that we are taking, try to figure out how to make a video that is small enough to send via email, and shop til we drop for toys, snacks, etc.

I did receive confirmation today that we are "paperwork ready" to travel. Our homestudy agency is working on an addendum now but that luckily isn't required prior to traveling for trip one.

Off to revise my to do list, question list, shopping list and packing list!

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