Sunday, June 21, 2009

7 lists

Yep, I have 7 'to do' lists going on at the same time! What we have, what we need, things to pack, things to follow up on, things to buy, gifts...etc, etc.

So far we have some balls you can squeeze, squeaky stacking blocks, a tonka (soft) car that rolls, and a few other things to take to the little guy. We want to take things that the baby home can use vs something they will just throw away (like a stuffed animal). Of course, we also need to see how he plays with these items. If any experienced Adoptive Parents want to throw some ideas our way we are all ears!

We have some snacks to take to him as well. Gerber graduate puffs and yogurt treats were suggestions from my friend Susan. We do not know if he has teeth so we need to be careful with what we bring. We also have some nutritious drinks but we are not sure if we are allowed to give him beverages or not. The goal is to get as much nutrition in him in a week as possible!!!

It's official - I have drank from a sippy cup! I never thought it would come to this, but it has. I felt like a giant weird-o standing in the kitchen, but I had to do it. As you know, Bill and I are not experienced parents - therefore we didn't know how fast the fluid would come out of the sippy cup. Again my friend Susan passed some advice my way and said "drink out of it". Well, I did - and much to my surprise I had to drink pretty hard to get the fluid out. Now I know!

We had a panic moment earlier when Bill couldn't find a UPS form I had sent. Of course, I am out of town with work so we are coordinating this in 2 different states. He felt so bad, and just couldn't figure out why he lost the form. Finally, I found the UPS # and tracked it - and guess what? It isn't scheduled for delivery until tomorrow!!! Poor Bill! Tomorrow he will send a FedEx with several documents (and some $ of course) to our agency.

I guess that's the last of the updates for now. We hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!


  1. LOL you may have drank from a sippy cup - but chances are HE hasn't. While on trip #2 we discovered that most of the kids hadn't ever had a sippy cup - just a "big kid" cup or a bottle with the nipple cut open wide. T will finally do a sippy cup (soft nipple vs hard) but still doesn't get the whole straw action - she blows vs. sucking!!

    Bubbles are good!! Stickers are good fun too and easy to pack.

  2. I need to take lessons in organization from you! It sounds like you have everything under control :)

  3. The reason I drank through the sippy cup was to see how hard it was since they are not accustomed to using them. Now I am finding out that more than likely I can't give him any fluids anyway :(

  4. You'll be there and in the middle of your visit before you know it. It's a great exciting time!