Friday, July 24, 2009


Today I picked up 3 more outfits for the little guy at Sam's Club. Shopping is fun, I wish I could afford to do more of it! He officially has 4 outfits now. Sam's Club has fairly reasonable prices on children's clothing.

We are still waiting for our documents to be sent to the Sec of State for apostile. In Tennessee, the documents have to be notarized, then sent for a county seal, then sent to the Sec of State for apostile. Our homestudy agency is in a different county than we are in, and unfortunately that county doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency. The information from our home county arrived today, so as soon as items are received from our homestudy county they will be sent to the Sec of State for apostile. Of course, after the Sec of State returns them to the agency, then they are sent to Russia to review. Many Russians go on Holiday during the Summer, so I hope that our Judge decides to take a Fall Holiday this year!

Although we should be used to this process, we still are anxious and wish that the turn around time could be quicker. We are both very excited to see him again and bring him home.

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