Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I have learned this week:

Coupons rock
It is fun to shop for kids
I am lucky to have Bill's family in my life
I fall more and more in love with our little guy every minute
A Psychologist said I am not crazy (put that on my review!)
A 36 year old can still get pimples
It is nice to sleep in your own bed
It is hard to find make up that is not made in China
It isn't fun to have a bird attack you


  1. I cant wait to shop for kids how fun!

  2. Yeah good luck on that "not made in China" thing. I know! I have never looked at that so much in the last couple of months. Yes it is fun to shop for kids - I can't seem to stop. Glad to hear that you are not crazy!

    Keep having fun with it all!

  3. It sounds like your week has been very educational! I wonder... Since I am a psychologist, do you think I can write a note saying that I'm not crazy ;)