Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leaving for visit # 4

It is Friday at 9:45am here in Vlad, and we are about to leave to visit our little guy for visit #4. We are going to ask special permission to visit him on Saturday morning before our flight, and are hoping the Director will say yes! If not, then today will be our last visit until we come back in a few months to see him again.

Thanks for all the support everyone has shown. Off to get in the van with Vladimir the race car driver and Elaina our Interpreter.


P.S. - Nancy he is at Artem....


  1. Tell everyone in Artem that Tatiana says hi!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello,

    I just thought I would post since we just got back 6 weeks ago from Vladivostok and visited our little one for a week and currently we are in the waiting process for a court date.

    It is so DIFFICULT as you probably know. The wait that is. We are doing everything to keep busy but we can't get our minds of our little one.

    Anyhow here is our blog and would love to keep up with you guys to see how things go.

    Isn't this an amazing journey?!

    Get some rest, it took us like 5 days to recoup.