Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Greetings and well wishes!

I still haven't been able to catch up on e-mails or anything personal other than a quick post here and there.... but below are some messages from the staff in Russia:

Tonya says hello to Ken and Gloria. She is really looking forward to seeing you again and is trying her best to get you back. German also says hello and was wondering if you plan to fly through Moscow again!

Elaina says hello to the Ward family in Virgina. She says it has been a few years but remembers you well and pointed your photo out on the wall.

I was going to tell the Director of Artem that little T said Hi (oh, and Mom Amy too), but she was off on our last visit. I will save that for next time!

Elaina also says hello to the mom of Joshua (Nancy). She remembers your family well and thinks that both Nathan and Joshua are cutie pies!


  1. Thanks so much for relaying our best wishes to the Russia staff. We spoke with Lily last night and it looks like all of our paperwork is in order...there is a slight hiccup with one of the kids paperwork that Tanya is going to take care of and then...finally we will get a court date....So much for us. How did your trip go? Did ya love the long flights? ugh. Tell us about your little one!

  2. Thanks for passing along the greetings from Elena!