Monday, July 13, 2009

We are home!

We arrived home last night, and we are exhausted still! Today we sent off our medical reports and court document overnight via FedEx.

Tomorrow, we will find a Psychiatrist to say we are stable and capable of parenting the little guy. This is a new form that Vlad is now requiring....


  1. Not so new -- it's been in effect for about a year now. If you need one let me know. I used a lady in NY who is an adoptive parent herself. She's great. Super easy - we talked on the phone for about an hour and I sent her a copy of my home study.

  2. Welcome home! WOW, you got a lot accomplished in just one day home. Good for you!

    I didn't have to do the psychiatrist form back in maybe now all judges are requiring it.

    Here's hoping for a speedy court date!

  3. Welcome home, Glad to hear things went well and can't wait to see pictures of the little guy once your adoption is complete. Now the wait for a court date begins...we are still waiting and hope to hear something this week as our agency kinda thought we would be in court the last week of July. We wish a speedy return for you guys...

    Kenny and Gloria