Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 19, October 23 2009

Though it seems like today was day #250 at the Vlad Motor Inn, it was really only Day 19. Nothing against the VMI or anything, but wow Trip Two is long! We can’t wait to get home and sleep in our own beds!

Overnight Jack was a little fussy and was awake for about an hour starting around 12am. He and I hung out and rocked and tried to figure out a way to get the world out of the global economic crisis. Well, Jack was thinking about saving the world, I was thinking about how the Vols were going to beat Bama this weekend. Anyway, he went back to sleep without any trouble around 1am and even slept in a little bit this morning to compensate. We went through our normal routines today without any issues except Jack was a little fussy for the morning nap, but this was probably because he had slept a little later than usual. We played at the White Rabbit while our room was cleaned, then we headed back to the White Rabbit for dinner with Gloria, Kristina and John. Jack was really interested in what the bigger kids were doing, but he sat on Mommy’s lap and watched them rather then get involved himself.

Right now Michelle is reading Jack his bedtime story (The Little Engine That Could – one of my all time favorites). We had bath time a little while ago, and this made 4 out of 4 baths without any trouble at all. Jack even helps dump water on himself to remove soap suds!

Michelle is feeling a little better today (not really), but Jack and I have slight coughs. I sound worse than I feel and sometimes I have no voice at all so I sound like a goose honking as I try to get my words out. Once we get home we’ll all clear up our colds, but sitting together in a hotel room 22 or 23 hours a day means we are just passing stuff back and forth to each other. Jack is on an antibiotic that our International Adoption Doctor from the US prescribed before we came over here. Michelle is on the viral infection meds (see yesterdays post about the viral infection), and she and I are both taking some cough syrups and drinking a lot of juice. The juices over here are excellent by the way!

That’s all from Vladivostok tonight. We hope everyone back home has a happy Friday!


  1. What a great smile!

    Ay yay yay, it's a long trip!

  2. OMG! How adorable. I LOVE his sweet smile.

  3. I am really going to miss that smile! I love it! It makes me smile!

  4. Oh yeah, it seems like forever! Try Lesozavodsk next time? No really, enjoy the time you have to bond! Praying that you are feeling better for the flights!