Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello from Vlad! Today we had a lot of down time as we were not allowed to go to the baby home to visit our son. We walked to the store and picked up a few items, and did laundry to get ready for next week.

We also went to the playground to watch Glenn and Lisa's little girl play. What a cutie! We met a family from California that adopted a little girl as well. There were several families on the playground, mostly Russian.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to going into town with the Duda family to do a little shopping and have some traditional Russian cuisine.


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  1. Hello! Found your blog off cupcakeandthecaseys just now and had to tell you how excited I am for your little family. We brought home two children from Vlad last summer..and our little boy came from the baby home in Artem. Soak it all in! Take tons of pictures! Oh..and don't feel bad for the court mess-up. I talked first for our court, and forgot the answer to the very first question that we were asked! Thankfully, our judge was in a fine mood and she just chuckled and moved on....
    A family that we were there with answered her questions in Spanish. Imagine the confusion that insued!!!
    Anyway. Congratulations!!!
    God's blessings to you all~
    Jody Garber
    mom to Addie (4 1/2)
    Will (almost 3)