Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 20, October 24, 2009

Our last weekend in Vladivostok (we leave 10/28) started with Jack waking up and fidgeting around in his crib and getting to where he was in a seated position with his arms and legs hanging out of the bars. He cracks us up when he wakes up because he gives the funniest looks. Most of the time he is serious, but today he was being goofy. We brought him into bed with us to cuddle for a few minutes, and then we got out of bed and started our routines. Everything was pretty normal today, but Jack was fussy during his morning nap. It seems like every day he is fussy for either his morning or afternoon nap. So, he and I hung out this morning and rocked and just rested a bit rather than nap though he did fall asleep about 30 minutes before he was supposed to wake up so he did get a little catnap this morning.

After lunch we walked with Gloria, Kristina and John to the store. I believe both families did enough shopping to last the rest of our trips, so we had quite a few items in our baskets. The store nearby is basically a 7-Eleven (or Kwikie Mart if you will), so I think most people just stop in for a few items and then get on their way. The Duda’s and Curran’s stopped up the line with our full baskets though much to the dismay of the 4 guys buying beer and liquor for their afternoon snack. The guys seemed frustrated with us, but give us a break it was about 1pm! The booze could wait for us!

When we got back from the store the Duda’s were heading out to the playground and it wasn’t quite time for Jacks nap so we went out to play them. Michelle and I rode the slide with Jack and he enjoyed watching Kristina and John play though he seems pretty content with being held and watching from a distance rather than mixing it up with those bigger kids just yet.
This evening we ate some spaghetti here in the room and fed and played with Jack. We just got finished with another bath and now Michelle is singing Jack to sleep. Simon Cowell would probably not be sending her through to Hollywood, but Jack and I like it!

Tomorrow we think we may tag along with the Duda’s to the beach, then at night we have been invited to Kristina’s 8th birthday party!

(The pictures above are from our 1st meeting in July)


  1. We hit little marts like those when we were in Russia too - we got some looks too!!

    I'm sure you'll be glad to head home soon.

  2. Love the pics! Promise I wiltake on of thethree of you today!